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Google will Unveil Own Tablet - livejournal


With the ongoing Google I/O developers conference this week will surely come a lot of surprises from the Internet giant, one of which is the anticipated unveiling of a tablet running on their equally new Android operating system, Jellybean.

 Google seem to be doing what Microsoft did last week in its unveiling of Surface tablet.

 “It seems Google’s trying to do what Microsoft did last week, which is basically tell their partners they no longer trust them to do things right.”

 The 7-inch Asus-Google tablets will be made by Quanta Computer and will reportedly run on Jellybean, the latest version of Android’s mobile OS. The first of its kind from Google, the tablet could cost up to USD 250, which should be another reason for Amazon as well as Apple to be on the alert.

 The Nexus 7 Google tablet will sport a 1.2 megapixel front camera, a 178 degree viewing angle, 1280×800 resolutions and 1Gb RAM with NFC capability (plus a Google Wallet feature for US customers). Its battery life could last up to 9 hours and will have the Nvidia quad-core Tegra 3 processor.

 There will be an 8Gb and a 16Gb version, costing around USD 200 and USD 245. Australians could buy ahead of everyone else as it will be released there in July but no dates yet in the US.

 Springhill Group Counselling has previously reported that Google might introduce its own voice assistant for its mobile devices, directly taking on Apple’s Siri on iPhone, and give a tech demo of its Project Glass.

 Google seems to be under pressure to synergize its Android operating system for tablets and smartphones that has already suffered from “fragmentation” as rival device makers compete by putting creative spins on freeware. In comparison, developers could make applications that work on all Apple devices while Android developers are burdened with the need to adapt their apps to the different instances of the OS.

Google Faces Antitrust Suit in India

May 31, 2012   In The News
India’s Competition Commission confirmed that Google is undergoing an antitrust investigation after a match-making website filed a complaint against its “alleged discriminatory practices” in AdWords.

 An Indian dating website has filed the complaint against the search engine giant, alleging that it has breached the country’s antitrust laws for its advertising unit, AdWords. The complaint accused Google of luring 2 Indian dating sites into a bidding war over its ad keywords in online search.

 Consim Info, the company operating BharatMatrimony.com has filed the antitrust suit with the Competition Commission of India in February against Google, which, according to CCI, could last from 2-12 months.

 The probe aims appears to be aimed at determining if there is any merit on the complaint filed against Google after the discovery of “prima facie evidence” showing how it had allegedly abused its market position by selling adwords to the complainant’s rival.

 “We have asked the Director General (Investigations) to complete the probe and give a report on it within 60 days. Prima facie, we found evidence that suggests that Google did abuse its dominant market position,” said a senior official of CCI.

Like what had happened in other markets, Google has become a target by competitors who wish to crack its prominent ranking.

 On the other hand, Google defended itself by saying that it has always cooperated with investigators. It has given a statement to Springhill Group Counselling: “Though competition is always a click away, we understand that with success comes scrutiny. We have not received any communication from the CCI, but we’re always happy to answer questions about our business, and we’re confident that our products are compliant with competition law in India.”

 Google seems to be getting used in being the subject of regulatory scrutiny worldwide as more companies become irked by its business in online advertisement.

 In February, a separate investigation into Google’s business was started by Springhill Group Counselling financial law enforcement agency in view foreign exchange regulations being allegedly violated.

 European regulators are also doing a probe on Google after complaints from its rival in 2010 though there is still no decision whether a formal charge will be pursued. Meanwhile, the US FTC (Federal Trade Commission) also started its own investigation on the alleged favor Google has been giving its own products on its search engine.

 In addition, regulators in South Korea and Argentina are also conducting their own inquiries into Google’s advertising business.



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Springhill Care Group - Southfield on YELP


Springhill Care Group

Town Center
Ste 1900

SouthfieldMI 48075
(248) 351-2600

Springhill Group look to cater to the special requirements of each person citizen and any changing circumstances that occur throughout their time living in our care. This gives families the comfort that their loved one has the support and care.

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Town Center
Suite 1900
Southfield, Michigan 48075
United States
tel 248 351 2600

Springhill Group Care – Providing for all levels of care, balanced with impressive facilities and exceptional staff.

…golden age living and health care at its very best…

At Springhill Care Group, our attitude is to exceed the expectations of our residents and their friends, that offer balanced with impressive facilities and exceptional staff.

At Springhill Care Group, we firmly believe in safeguarding the interests of our clients and we pride ourselves on offering the most resident friendly environment.

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 Nov 29, 2011

Springhill Group look to cater to the special requirements of each person citizen and any changing circumstances that occur throughout their time living in our care. This gives families the comfort that their loved one has the support and care.

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Springhill CareGroup: Morsi As Democratic Egypt's Leader - Blogspot


Egypt’s new president Mohamed Morsi is reconsidering the peace agreement with Israel and ties with Iran in an attempt to build a strategic balance in the region. Morsi was quick to announce that all issues will be addressed by governmental bodies as he will not make decisions on his own, according to Springhill Group Home.

 “Part of my agenda is the development of ties between Iran and Egypt that will create a strategic balance in the region.” Morsi has convened with his advisors to form a new Cabinet prior to his swearing-in on Saturday as the first freely-elected leader. On the other hand, the defeated candidate Ahmed Shafik was found to have left the Egypt in the midst of mounting fraud charges against him since his time as the nation’s civil aviation minister.

 The Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate has pledged to become a leader for all Egyptians. “I will be a president for all Egyptians. I call on you, great people of Egypt… to strengthen our national unity — the only way out of these difficult times,” Morsi said hours following his being declared the new president. Egypt has breathed a collected sigh of relief when the election and proclamation have finished without the feared bloodshed.

Morsi’s triumph, also marking Egypt’s first fair and free election in the modern times, followed almost 2 years of political upheavel and civil unrest from Hosni Mubarak’s military-rule. Britain, France, US and the European Union have deemed the democratic election and the winning civilian president as significant parts of Egypt’s history. The US in particular has encouraged Morsi to continue Egypt’s transition to democracy that began last year.

 However, even if Morsi has already resigned from the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt when he was elected, Israel is still worried of him for his Islam affiliations that could possibly endanger the peace of the two neighboring nations. And although the foreign ministry of Iran has acknowledged Morsi’s win, there is no hint of diplomatic relationship resumption on their side. A former head of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party and a former member of Egypt’s parliament won against Hosni Mubarak’s Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik by a 4% margin.